Buying a new kitchen knife – you’ll be glad you did!

One of the key items used in a kitchen is a knife. Nothing revelatory there. But it is also a remarkably complex business – firstly in the choice of knife, and secondly, in how you use the knife.

Most people who have spent any time in a kitchen will have some basic knife skills. They will also have used a wide variety of knives – large and small, sharp and blunt and everything in between.

There are books and videos aplenty covering every aspect of kitchen knives and cutting techniques… your knife skills. This article is not going to try and compete with any of those – it is purely to inform you of three basic knife choices you should make and let you know where you might source them.

Knife Number 1: Santoku – these knives have become the latest craze in kitchens, and with good reason. Basically they fulfil the same purpose as the classic ‘Chef’s Knife’, but with a more forgiving and versatile cutting edge and performance. You could almost get away with just owning one of these knives on their own. It should have a decent weight and an inflexible blade of approximately 7” – 8”.

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