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New beginnings

Tuesday, March 6th, 2012

  There’s going to be a few changes around on the Blog front which will probably see this ‘lifestyle’ segment fading away, as it is replaced by something standalone.

  The formats of the Blogs will be slightly different and we are expanding our group of contributors at the same time so that you will have access to more useful   information and opinion.

  So, more good stuff to look forward to and we’ll be talking to you soon!

Forum posting – Kindle

Saturday, July 16th, 2011

Just spent a little bit of time looking through some of the forums on the Kindle community boards. When I came across a thread that interested me, I would make a comment and also leave some form of connection through to my actual publication.

For me, the easiest way to keep everything neat and simple is to directly link people to the website

The reason for this is because not only does the site have all of the direct hotlinks for purchasing the book (both Kindle and the paperback option), but it also has reviews of the book, some extracts, a link through to this blog and a contact link direct to me.

So, in one short hotlink I can get people to exactly where they need to be in order to buy my work, read my blog or speak to me directly.

But sometimes a link to a website is not enough because there isn’t much of an incentive. So, if I were to make a posting on a forum – and this applies to any forum that I might frequent, I would be inclined to add a little more ‘flavour’ to what I write. The easiest way for me to do that is to add the back cover blurb from the book and follow that with the link to my site.

It would then look like this:

“Julia and the Hunt for the Magical, Mysterious Buttlefly” by Francis d.

A journey about friendship and love…

A young girl, Julia, and her friend Alphonse, a St. Bernard Dog, embark on a fateful day without a care in the world.
As their quest for a magical creature takes them far from the safety of home they discover that no matter what obstacles they face,
nothing can overcome the strength of a good heart.

…seen with the eyes of a child, an adventure that holds onto the simplest of truths.

Check out extracts, reviews and sales options at

This now gives someone a reason for going to the site… or not. Because if you read that blurb and decide that it’s not for you, that’s absolutely fine. But there might just be enough of a hook to make you look that little bit closer, which is all I ask of anyone.

Now, it is important that when you do contribute to forums, or comment strands on blogs like this, that you do make a genuine contribution. This will avoid any problems with forum moderators and will get your comments posted on blog strands. But if all you did was stick your advert for your book without so much as a ‘by your leave’, well, let’s face it. That would just be downright rude!

It ties into the old saying that you can’t get something for nothing. I will respond on forum threads when there is a topic that I can actually have an opinion on, and they can sometimes be few and far between. But I will always make a genuine attempt to either provide advice or information and only then will I put my linking material in.

And given the nature of the internet and its exponential expansion, I would do this as often as possible. At least a couple of times a week… more if your sanity can handle it… oh, and for the record, this is the sort of thing that I have to kick myself to go and do and I would probably be further down the line if I applied myself half as well as I ought to!!!



Time to step up a gear

Saturday, June 18th, 2011

To be positive at a time when major changes take place in your life is a challenge.

It’s a challenge, however, that is worth taking on.

The FaB network is putting in the groundwork for a bright and successful future and whilst it’s not something that can be rushed – it is something that can be pushed.

Information is the key. What we can inform you about is the steps that we are taking to ensure that staying positive is the last thing we need to worry about. It will happen of its own accord because of the hard work and patience that we have displayed thus far.

There are aphorisms aplenty summing up a journey – and it is true that they all start with the firststep. Which has been taken. What now follows is the real opportunity – the opportunity to continue the journey, step by step, facing up to whatever crosses our path. And when we are challenged we need to smile, take a deep breath and stride onwards. We do whatever we need to do in order to stay focussed and strong. We stay flexible and positive and use our imaginations and intellects to carry the journey forward… wherever it may take us.

Practical steps right now – we have some reviews in for the book, with more on their way. They are positive and greatly appreciated – but they now need to be placed onto bigger forums so that they can be an effective part of the marketing scheme

Watch this space for the continuing adventure!



Things that go bump in the night.

Monday, May 30th, 2011

There can be many obstacles in your path when you are trying to strive for something.

Technological glitches, lack of resources, negativity, time constraints, competition, indifference… all of these will rear their head at some point or another. But as an individual, making plans to achieve those goals, nothing is more likely to sink your ship quicker than illness.

Now, I don’t want to dwell on serious matters, and thankfully my health is fine… but I recently had a dose of food-poisoning and, wow, that really knocked the stuffing out of me.

But, more importantly, something like that can knock the stuffing out of the endeavour that you are engaged in. I know only too well just how many hours I lost. How many planned activities that got got set back. And also, how quickly you realise that, when engaged in this type of enterprise, you really are the master of your own destiny. No-one else is going to write the words I need to write. No-one else is going to be able to perform the networking tasks I had planned. The very nature of art is that it is solely in the hands of the artist. The very nature of independent business is that it is in the hands of you, the independent business person.

It gave me pause for thought. I count myself lucky that the overall FaB enterprise is a collaborative one, so there were many things ongoing. But there were also many things that were solely my personal remit. And when I was sick… nothing was getting done. Even if I’d had WiFi in the bathroom, there was still nothing I was going to be doing except for feeling damn sorry for myself!

But it does highlight a genuine concern to anyone who is reliant upon themselves, and themselves alone, for their liveliehood. Without the safety net of a salary, or sickness benefit it is very easy to find a successful business model struggling… and not a lot that can be done about it.

So, what is the answer?

Don’t get sick… that would be a good place to start.

After that, I think the key to getting through temporary hiccups like this is planning and preparation. I also think a healthy dose of collaboration wouldn’t go amiss.

If, as a writer, I have a cache of material that can be used whilst ‘out of the game’ – then, that little bit of forethought will have saved me from panicking whilst I should have been concentrating on getting better.

And, as far as collaborating goes, that is the very essence of successful networking. Sharing responsibility for endeavour, not necessarily in a formal partnership, but as a way of covering yourself is surely a sensible approach to any business model.

We all need friends, whether in business or in life. And friends are the sort of people that you can rely on…again, both in business and in life. It isn’t such a touchy-feely concept as you might think. It is facing up to the reality of independence and is mutually beneficial.

So much of online enterprise is about the bottom dollar, and because it is an internet experience, it can be deeply depersonalised. But it doesn’t have to be. At FaB, any links to individuals that we may promote will be on the basis of their being a worthwhile relationship ongoing. Call it looking out for your Karma if you want. But life is a whole lot smoother if we consider looking out for others as well as ourselves… because we are all just one bad bowl of seafood from finding out the hard way just how solitary this life can be.



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New challenges

Sunday, May 8th, 2011

Every time a new venture is undertaken, new challenges will arise. It is important to face these challenges head on to maximise the opportunities out there.

Publishing a book using the new electronic formats that are available (in our case, ‘Kindle’) can be straightforward. It took no more than half an hour to take a word document and place it as an e-book on a multinational retail sales platform. FANTASTIC!

But that was the easy bit.

What follows is where the real work starts.

If you are reading this post, on the FaB Writer Blog, then you are already aware of how we are now creating multiple information points that all link together. These include individual web pages, Twitter feeds, additional Blog pages and social networking links.

And these challenges will continue to expand. We will be pursuing an active SEO (search engine optimistion) program to raise the profile of all our interlinked projects. Not only do we use these methods to promote our own work, we also provide support articles and progress reports so that you can understand what it is that we are doing, and apply these methods to your own unique projects.

-There is a huge amount of information available on the internet. There are thousands of websites that promise you the world in terms of rewards for your new web venture.

Most of these sites are sales oriented or expect something from you in return. There’s nothing wrong with that at all. But it is easy to become confused by so many conflicting claims.

We are looking at this slightly differently.

Yes, there is something you can buy from us. A book.

Do you have to?

No… although it would be nice!

The book is not a sales book to make you millions, it is a piece of fiction purely for your personal enjoyment.

But our journey to take this product from an idea into a product and then into a web-based marketing and sales exercise is going to provide you with multiple information resources for you to follow – not just from us, but also linking you to online resources that we use and refer to.

We know that this journey will have highs and lows. That’s life!

But the journey will be an adventure… and we hope you enjoy it as much as we will.



A useful resource with a great style – check out Ana Hoffman on traffic generation

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